Combination Lot 5 and 7-[BY THE DOLLAR]
Lot Number:19
Start Time:6/8/2024 2:00:00 PM
Bid Count:5
Current High Bidder:
Starting Bid:$10,000.00
Bid Increment:$5,000.00
Current Bid:$370,000.00

This lot is reserved for the Live Auction. During the live auction once the individual tracts have been offered, we will ask the crowd if anyone is interested in any combination of tracts at a 5% raise. Feel free to contact our office if you have questions about this process.

SURVEY:  We are selling this property according to a registered and recorded boundary survey performed by Elbert Angel, GRLS #1742 as recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Polk County, GA in Plat Book JJ, Page 108. A survey, staking, and recording fee of $500 for Tracts #1,9,10 & 11, $1000 for Tracts #2,3 & 8, $2000 for Tracts #4,5 & 7, and $2500 for Tract #6 will be due and collected today. The accuracy of the survey is the sole liability of the surveyor and the Purchaser, and the Purchaser does hereby release the Seller and Dempsey Auction Co. from all liability in all matters concerning the survey.

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Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 10:00 am — Onsite: 981 Hills Creek Rd, Taylorsville, GA

The Ruth Ables Harris Estate

Taylorsville, Polk County, GA
162 +/- Ac Selling in Tracts or as a Whole
Property located at 981 Hills Creek Rd, Taylorsville, GA

Same Ownership for over 75 years!!


  • Hills Creek flows through the Property
  • County Water is Available
  • Approximately 120± Ac of Row Crop Land
  • Frontage on Hills Creek Rd and Duffy Waldrop Rd
  • Potential for “Higher and Better Use”
  • Aesthetics

This Highly Productive Farm is situated directly between Cartersville, Rockmart, Rome and Dallas; 1 mile off GA Hwy #113 and a short distance from the Cartersville Airport. With such a strategic location this parcel has unlimited potential for Residential Development, Agricultural Use, Recreational Use, Investment, and/or Speculation Opportunity.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This farm has been in the Harris Family for over 75 years, however as generations pass, times and situations will change, and it is time to liquidate this valuable asset. Dempsey Auction has been contracted to sell this property, at auction, to the highest bidder. Come join us for an old-fashioned land auction and purchase this tract of land at the right price—your price!!!!


The Ruth A. Harris Estate
Taylorsville, Polk County, GA
Saturday, June 8th at 10:00 AM ET

These “Terms and Conditions” supersede all other printed and oral statements and will be attached to and become a part of the Real Estate Sales Contract as Exhibit “A”, which will prevail over this document and any other agreement between the Buyer and Seller.

CONDITIONS OF SALE:  Dempsey Auction Company (Auctioneer/Broker) has entered into a contract with the Ruth Ables Harris Estate, Kristie Harris Gammon, Executrix (Seller), TO OFFER AT AUCTION, 11 parcels of real estate located at 981 Hills Creek Rd, Taylorsville, GA.

All property, real and personal, is selling AS IS, WHERE ISand being conveyed by Seller as provided for below. It is offered for sale and sold AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS, IF ANY without representation or warranty of any kind as to their condition; and any repairs, alterations, damage, cleanup, removal of debris, waste, personal property, etc., are the sole responsibility of the buyer. No warranties, either statutory or otherwise, expressed or implied, including those as to the fitness for a particular use or purpose, habitability, merchantability, or environmental condition including, but not limited to, any hazardous substances, hazardous waste, petroleum or petroleum by-products (collectively Hazardous Materials), concerning the property are given by the Auctioneer or Seller.  Neither the Seller nor the Auction Company makes any representation concerning the property whatsoever. All bidders acknowledge and agree by their participation in the Auction that he/she has inspected the Property and is not relying on any warranty or representation of the Seller, Auctioneer or any agent thereof. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that at closing there may be the existence of equipment, personal property and/or scrap materials located upon or within the property and agrees to accept the same in AS IS condition.

We require all bidders to register and obtain a bid number in order to participate in the bidding process. All decisions of the Auctioneer will be final, including the increments of bidding, disputes among bidders, or any other issues that might arise before, during, or after the auction.

The Seller has the right, at their sole discretion, to add or withdraw all or any portion of the property before the auction’s opening announcement on Saturday, June 8th at 10:00 AM. This property is Selling Subject to Executor Approval, reserving the right to hold all offers open until Monday, June 10th at 5:00 PM. This is an Estate sale, and if an heir is bidding, they are bidding as an individual and will close under the same terms and conditions as any other participant.

CONVEYANCE:  All property will be conveyed by a Limited Warranty Deed with title insurance available at the Purchaser’s expense.

RESERVATIONS & RESTRICTIONS:  All Personal Property, Equipment, and Livestock are reserved. The real estate will be sold subject to any and all restrictions, public utilities, encroachments, zoning ordinances, easements, Polk County regulations, protective covenants, any existing rights of way, and all other matters now of record or shown on attached plat.  We are selling subject to a 20’ and a 30’ Driveway Easement as shown on the Recorded Survey and a 10’ waterline easement across Tract #5 as shown on the Recorded Survey.

ONLINE PURCHASERS’ PAYMENT: At the close of the auction, successful bidders will be emailed the contract package to execute and return to Dempsey Auction Co. Successful bidders will deposit 10% of the Contract Sales Price as earnest money in the form of cashier’s check or bank wire transfer with Dempsey Auction Co within 24 hours of receipt of the contract package. The entirety of the remaining balance is due at closing as stipulated in the “Terms and Conditions”. Purchaser shall be responsible for all wire transfer fees. Successful high bidders not executing and returning their contract with earnest money deposit within 24 hours of receipt will be considered in default and subject to an Administrative Fee (as defined below). All Administrative Fees are non-refundable.

TECHNICAL SOFTWARE ISSUES: NEITHER THE COMPANY PROVIDING THE SOFTWARE NOR THE AUCTION COMPANY SHALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A MISSED BID OR THE FAILURE OF THE SOFTWARE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY FOR ANY REASON. Dempsey Auction Company is providing online bidding as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Dempsey Auction Company or anyone else if the internet service fails to work correctly. Dempsey Auction Company will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source.

DEFAULT: In the event a winning bidder fails to submit the signed “Sales Contract” and deposit earnest money as provided in the pre-stipulated Terms and Conditions, the winning bidder will be charged an administrative fee of $2,500 on the credit card provided at auction registration. Additional default remedies are reserved by Dempsey Auction Co and the Sellers as provided in the Terms and Conditions and the Sales Contract.

PAYMENT:   A 10% Buyer’s Premium on Real Estate will be added to the Bid Price on all real estate today to arrive at the final purchase price. The purchaser will be required to sign the Real Estate Sales Contract and pay a non-refundable earnest money deposit equal to 10% of the Contract Sales Price immediately following the Auction.  This payment may be made with either a personal or company check.  This deposit will be held in a non-interest-bearing escrow account under the control of Dempsey Auction Co.  No disbursements will be made from this escrow account until closing or otherwise in accordance with this agreement.  In the event the purchaser fails to close and pay his/her balance when due, the deposit may be retained by the Seller and Auctioneer as liquidated damages in addition to any other remedies available to the Seller and Auctioneer.

SURVEY:  We are selling this property according to a registered and recorded boundary survey performed by Elbert Angel, GRLS #1742 as recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Polk County, GA in Plat Book JJ, Page 108. A survey, staking, and recording fee of $500 for Tracts #1,9,10 & 11, $1000 for Tracts #2,3 & 8, $2000 for Tracts #4,5 & 7, and $2500 for Tract #6 will be due and collected today. The accuracy of the survey is the sole liability of the surveyor and the Purchaser, and the Purchaser does hereby release the Seller and Dempsey Auction Co. from all liability in all matters concerning the survey.

CLOSING: Closing shall take place within 30 days of sale date in accordance with the Real Estate Sales Contract, or on a date mutually agreed upon by the Seller and Purchaser(s) in writing. The closing attorney is Mrs. Vickey Atkins with Atkins Law, PC, 129 E Elm St, Rockmart, GA. We encourage you to contact Mrs. Atkins office as soon as possible to discuss the closing – 770.684.1414.

CLOSING COSTS:  The Seller will provide a Limited Warranty Deed at closing. If for some reason the Seller is unable to convey good and marketable title to the property, unless otherwise noted, the Purchaser(s) Earnest money deposit will be returned.

 All other costs including, but not limited to, Attorney’s Closing Fees, Recording and Handling Fees, Deed Transfer Taxes, Title Search, Title Insurance, Loan Origination Fees, etc., will be at the Purchaser’s expense.

POSSESSION:  Purchaser(s) will be granted possession of real estate at closing, on or before July 7, 2024.

TAXES:  The 2024 Real Estate property taxes will be prorated to the date of closing. If any additional taxes are assessed resulting from the change of use by the purchaser, they will be the responsibility of the purchaser. 

AGENCY:  The Auctioneer is acting as agent for the Seller only in this transaction and is to be paid a fee pursuant to a separate written agreement between seller and the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer is not acting as an agent for the purchaser in this transaction.  Any third-party broker is not a sub-agent of the Auctioneer.

BUYER’S NOTE:  Dempsey Auction Company and the Seller reserve the right to amend any terms or conditions of the auction by announcing such amendments prior to or during the auction. All information published, announced or contained herein was derived from sources believed to be correct; however, it is not guaranteed by the Seller or the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer makes no warranty or guarantee as to the correctness and completeness of any information. Personal on-site inspection of the property is recommended.  The failure of any bidder to inspect, or to be fully informed as to the condition of the property, will not constitute grounds for any claim or demand for adjustment or withdrawal of bid, offer, or earnest money after its opening tender. Any and all announcements made from the auction stand take precedence over all other verbal, printed, announced and/or distributed information. Dempsey Auction Company is the “Agent of the Seller”, and our fiduciary duties of loyalty and faithfulness are owed to the Seller.

METHOD of SALE:  DAC reserves the right to offer the property any way we see fit to obtain the seller the most money.   

NOTE:  This auction is being recorded by audio in its entirety for legal purposes. 

I have received, read, understand, and agree to the information in these “Terms and Conditions” which will become a part of the sales contract and will hereafter be Exhibit “A”.

981 Hills Creek Rd, Taylorsville, GA
Taylorsville, Georgia 30178
United States